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So what if I Iron my Jeans?

January 29, 2012


When I lived in Aspen I used to iron my jeans all the time, and I got crap from my friends over it.  “You don’t iron jeans!”  “Why you ironing your jeans?”  “That’s stupid!” They would say…But when I moved back to North Dakota I didn’t care as much.   Aspen is very fashion conscience and much […]

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Who has it Harder, Women or Men?

January 12, 2012


It could be argued that man have it the toughest because they typically have the responsibility of making the money and doing the heavy lifting around the house.  If the bills arent paid or there is no food to eat it is the mans fault.  Men are the spiritual leaders in the house and if […]

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January 1, 2012


I pray that in 2012 the church begins to look and hope for a spiritual harvest instead of a financial or other one.   We hear it every New Years sermon how the coming year is gonna be a year of “harvest.”  Maybe it will be, but I think that too many minds think of finances […]

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