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Would you still praise Him?

February 12, 2012


If you don’t get promoted? If you don’t get healed? If you don’t get blessed financially? If you don’t see your loved one saved? If you don’t get promoted? If you don’t fall in love? If your baby is sick? If your church doesn’t experience revival? If your new car gets totaled? If you lose […]

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January 1, 2012


I pray that in 2012 the church begins to look and hope for a spiritual harvest instead of a financial or other one.   We hear it every New Years sermon how the coming year is gonna be a year of “harvest.”  Maybe it will be, but I think that too many minds think of finances […]

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Does God Care About Sports?

September 3, 2011


With the football season just days away I thought it was apropos to write on a subject I have wanted to write on for a long time but never did.  Does God like or care about sports? There is no question that people everywhere like and in some cases LOVE sports, and are especially fanatical […]

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Foreknowledge or Already Written?

August 28, 2011


When you talk to most believers they have a hard time really (truly) explaining how God knows everything.  They understand what prophecy is and what it does but they really do not understand how God knows these things.  They usually say that He knows all because He transcends time and He is able to go […]

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You Are Not on Trial….

July 28, 2011

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Your faith is. If you are born of the Spirit and are following Jesus, then consider it joy when you enter trials because God is refining you. He puts Himself into us and then brings us to the fire so He can burn away anything that is not of Him. He is the only thing […]

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Going Up.

May 21, 2011


When we think about our walk with Jesus, we could think of it as an elevator ride in a massive skyscraper.   We begin on the first floor when we become born-again.   The lobby is beautiful and inviting.   There is free coffee and snacks, as well as other things to help ourselves to.  It is a […]

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Like the Father

May 16, 2011


As Christians we should desire to be more like our Father God.  We go to church, read His Word and pray every day.  We also try to “like” the things He likes.  He likes love, mercy and forgiveness as well as joy, patience and kindness and many other things.  But what about the things He […]

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