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Do you Boycott?

March 26, 2012


I don’t march in front of businesses or get involved in “movements” to end something but I do abstain from buying/using products if something they do/have done is morally questionable in my eyes.  Like if a company ran an ad that was offensive to something I value. When Red Bull ran the ad with Jesus […]

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January 1, 2012


I pray that in 2012 the church begins to look and hope for a spiritual harvest instead of a financial or other one.   We hear it every New Years sermon how the coming year is gonna be a year of “harvest.”  Maybe it will be, but I think that too many minds think of finances […]

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Is College Worth It?

July 24, 2011


With the job market the way it is I am asking if spending thousands of dollars on a degree is worth the investment. There are many arguments on why high school graduates should go to college, so lets look at a few. 1)  A degree will help you get a better job making more money. […]

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What goes around comes around

May 10, 2011


We have all heard many times that we need to shop in Cooperstown more often. Why buy things elsewhere when you can get them in town, they say? Well there are several reasons why the money is leaving town and ending up in Fargo or elsewhere. Cost is a big one.  Why pay local prices […]

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Economic meltdown explained.

February 17, 2011


I ran across this video that seems to accurately explain what happened to our economy over last few years.

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