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A Fathers Love (Repost)

June 16, 2012


For this Father’s Day, it is important to honor and appreciate the love of a father, but also for fathers to understand, just how important their love truly is. A Fathers Love Advertisements

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Would you still praise Him?

February 12, 2012


If you don’t get promoted? If you don’t get healed? If you don’t get blessed financially? If you don’t see your loved one saved? If you don’t get promoted? If you don’t fall in love? If your baby is sick? If your church doesn’t experience revival? If your new car gets totaled? If you lose […]

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So what if I Iron my Jeans?

January 29, 2012


When I lived in Aspen I used to iron my jeans all the time, and I got crap from my friends over it.  “You don’t iron jeans!”  “Why you ironing your jeans?”  “That’s stupid!” They would say…But when I moved back to North Dakota I didn’t care as much.   Aspen is very fashion conscience and much […]

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Who has it Harder, Women or Men?

January 12, 2012


It could be argued that man have it the toughest because they typically have the responsibility of making the money and doing the heavy lifting around the house.  If the bills arent paid or there is no food to eat it is the mans fault.  Men are the spiritual leaders in the house and if […]

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Christmas Gifts with a Twist

December 5, 2011


With Christmas quickly approaching, there are fewer and fewer days to buy presents for those on your list.  But how necessary are many of the gifts we give?  How many will be remembered in a few years or even in one?  Now, I enjoy getting nice gifts for people.  I like to see the faces […]

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Favorite verse from We Didn’t Start the Fire?

November 26, 2011

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I heard it on the radio recently and it brought back memories of how hard it was to sing.  I loved some of the verses but didn’t know all the words.  So I just mumbled and pretended like I did.  Which can be pulled off, if you work in some animation (air guitar, etc) .  But make […]

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Can Men and Women Just Be Friends?

November 20, 2011


I think it is impossible for men and women to just be friends.  Sure, you may be cordial and nice to each other, but if you are making a special point to contact them, there is a good chance you like them romantically.  This does not mean that you are enemies; it just means you […]

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Back on the blog

November 4, 2011


Hello all, it has been a while since I have posted anything.  I recently had to send my laptop to Toshiba to replace the hardrive.  Was without a computer for a couple weeks.  Couple that with the fact that I have been prett busy lately and not feeling like blogging.  Well i am back and […]

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Only One Cheese

September 14, 2011


If you could only eat one cheese the rest of your life what would it be? Just think how many cheeses there are….I don’t know which one I would choose. Do I go for the soft brie that can be served as a snack or dessert or a harder cheddar that goes with all sorts […]

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Human, Not Hero

August 13, 2011


When we think of a hero we typically think of a person who is brave—someone who goes out of their way to help another.  For instance, someone who rescues another from a car that just rolled over.  Or someone who jumps in a lake to save another from drowning.  The term “hero” also gets assigned to […]

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